Fix (the annoying) “argument list too long”

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In this example we want to archive a huge number of .xml files in the current directory:

# find . -name "*.xml" -print > ./file.lst
# tar czvf ./archive.tgz --files-from ./file.lst

And delete all archived files:

# xargs -a ./file.lst rm -v
# rm ./file.lst

PHP setlocale() in Slackware

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In order to get the PHP function setlocale() to work in Slackware you need some libraries installed:


I’m using Slackware 14.1 (64bit), sooo:

# wget
# wget
# installpkg glibc-2.17-x86_64-11_slack14.1.txz
# installpkg glibc-i18n-2.17-x86_64-11_slack14.1.txz